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Welcome to the Official Site of LSPD Training

Hello and welcome to the Los Santos Police Department's official website for training. This website is associated with the LSPD Police Clan for training purposes, located at The clan is a non-profitable organization and is not associated with GTA V, Rock-star, Microsoft, XBOX, or Webs. This website is strictly used to allow members of the XBOX LIVE community to role-play and experience actually events that Law Enforcement agencies/officers practice in real life. This website was created under the Division of Training in the LSPD clan. Here, accepted members that have gone through the application and interview stage will conduct their training via this website. If you are interested in joining the clan, please visit the official clan website at and submit an application. 



- Captain SnipeOut29

- Lieutenant  KiLL3rinstiNick

- Sergeant DIRTxCHEAPx72

Webiste Descirption and Process

As stated in the first paragraph, this website was created for the purpose of training for the LSPD Police Clan. Here, accepted members from the LSPD clan will use this site to go through their training. Training is divided into three phases. Recruits will have 2 weeks to complete each phase, maximum. Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be the training online. At Phase 1 and 2, recruits will go on this website and read all of the lessons that correspond to the phase material. Before continuing onto any phase, the recruit will go through a verbal examination with an official LSPD Trainer, where the recruit will be questioned about the training they read. After completing and passing the verbal exam, the recruit will progress to the next phase. In Phase 1 (online), recruits will be explained the clan's General Orders which consists of the clan's rules and code of conduct. In Phase 2 (online), recruits will be taught on some of the LSPD's basic police procedures, such as traffic stops and pursuits. In Phase 3 (physical), the recruit will actually go into a GTA V Freemode and conduct their physical training. Once a recruit has passed Phase 1, 2, and 3, the recruit will be promoted to a Junior Patrol Officer, where they will now be able to participate in clan related events, such as patrols and training sessions.

Official LSPD Training Officers:

1) JRef9 (Phase 1 Test, Phase 2 Test, Phase 3 Training, Phase 3 Test)

2) MASTER EV (Phase 1 Test, Phase 2 Test, Phase 3 Training, Phase 3 Test)

3) SnipeOut29 (Phase 1 Test, Phase 2 Test, Phase 3 Training, Phase 3 Test)

4) KiLL3rinstiNctK (Phase 2 Test, Phase 3 Training, Phase 3 Test)

5) DIRTxCHEAPx72 (Phase 1 Test, Phase 2 Test, Phase 3 Training, Phase 3 Test)

6) SilentKiller393 (Phase 1 Test, Phase 2 Test, Phase 3 Training, Phase 3 Test)

7) BoringCanKillU (Phase 1 Test, Phase 2 Test, Phase 3 Training, Phase 3 Test)

8) oSouThNyGoBLiNo (Phase 1 Test, Phase 2 Test, Phase 3 Training, Phase 3 Test)

9) Fomn  (Phase 1 Test, Phase 2 Test, Phase 3 Training, Phase 3 Test)

Step-to-Step Process of Training

1) Pass Application Stage.

2) Pass Interview Stage.

3) Sign-Up on this website for training.

4) Complete Phase 1 (Online) of the training.

5) Contact an official LSPD Trainer for an examination on Phase 1 (Verbal).

6) After passing and completing Phase 1, continue to Phase 2, online training.

7) Contact an official LSPD Trainer for an examination on Phase 2 (Verbal).

8) Complete Phase 3 (physical) of the training by scheduling a Training Date with a Trainer.

9) After completing Phase 3, contact an official LSPD Trainer for an examination on Phase 3 (Verbal).

10) Promoted to a Junior Patrol Officer.

If you are registering, please place your Gamertag as your Display/Profile name.

Site Updated

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-Phase 1

-Phase 2

-Phase 3


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